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Conwire Pty Limited
  ABN: 96 138 449 948conwire control cables


                                                                       Phone:  02 9774 2155                 Unit 10 / 14 Sheridan Close, Milperra            Hours: 7.00am - 3.00 pm
                                                Fax:   02 9774 2166                        NSW Australia 2214                          
            Monday - Friday
sales @conwire.com.au

Conwire Control Cables - Quality and Reliability


Conwire is a manufacturing company specialising in mechanical control cable.

We supply cables for the automotive, industrial, marine and domestic markets. We pride ourselves on our quality and service                                                                                                                                                Click for Conwire          
and are pleased to quote on one-off jobs to large production runs.

We can repair or replace your old cable using stock parts or those on the cable.

We also supply cables to suit early model Brake cables for Holden Ford and Chrysler Valiant. We can make to drawing or sample.

Clutch cables to suit Holden Commodore                GMH Handbrake Cables                Holden Shift Cables


Mechanical Control Cables:     

Throttle, Clutch, Brake

Dash Controls - PTO, Choke, Release Cables - Hood, Boot, Fuel.                        

Push/Pull Control Cables - Gear Select    Micro Adjust    Twist Lock

Wire, Conduits & Fittings


  • Repairs and Replacements for all types of automotive cables

                                                                                    Security Lanyards        Security Cables & Toggles        Lighting Suspension Wires

                                                                                                    Gym Cables             Auto Turning to 25mm                                                                                                 


    We use Onesteel